Dear Reader,

Thank you for visiting my brand new Carpet Cleaning business opportunity website.


The wonderful world of carpet cleaning is available to any able bodied person who is prepared to put in a little effort. I currently have opportunities for people wishing to set up their own carpet cleaning business.

There is one main difference with this once in a lifetime opportunity that you will not find anywhere else. The opportunity today is for people who do not have a lot of money to start, and for people who do not have the technical knowhow to set up quickly.

Before I tell you more about it, let me tell you a little about myself.

My name is Angela,

That’s me in the picture above with my partner.

I want to tell you about the very special carpet cleaning business that I knew absolutely nothing about a few years ago; in fact, I had not worked for over twenty years.

From scratch, I set up my very own successful carpet cleaning business. This wonderful little business has amazed everyone including me!

After raising my three children I decided that I wanted to go back to work after 23 years at home.

The problem was, I had no work experience and was not qualified to do anything other than cook meals and carry out housework. I did try to find a job locally but realised after a while that my age was against me.

Today, with very little effort I earn a fabulous living by offering a professional carpet cleaning service to my local community.

Here’s my current website – I make my living cleaning carpets in my own area.


Initially, I started house cleaning (see pic) but soon realised that higher earnings were possible working within the carpet cleaning sector. I made many mistakes along the way but after a while I was able to create a business that would sustain me and my family. The truth is this; I achieved greater success than I could ever thought possible.


This really is one of the most practical and affordable businesses that you could ever set up. The demand for this business is good, but in order to take lots of the work you need to know some very important things.

Today, in my area I can even influence the market, where others try to play catch up because they do not make use of all trade and marketing secrets available to them.

They may very well be quite good carpet cleaners, but almost all of them have no marketing or business skills to enable them to succeed properly.

My business model has now been duplicated in many areas. Many areas are now up and running.

This is not a Franchise opportunity because I am not ever going to request huge sums of money from anybody to set this up. Incredibly, I can offer you the chance to learn and copy my blueprint for success for a a very small fee.

I have included a couple of free items that you can check out in our shop. Just enter you details and these items are free. The free items will help you understand some of the things and essentials for your success.


This is the basic information of course, and is basic information required that you can follow.

You can browse through the details and discover great way to do your own thing.

Some of you will be able to follow a plan and succeed so I have created a super Carpet Cleaning Mega Pack.


This has so much information I could not possibly list it here. This includes:

How we get most of our jobs.

Why our customers choose us.

How we get the most profitable work.

How to clean better by using less equipment and less expensive chemicals.

What you need to know about property letting companies.

Why the most expensive equipment is not always the best.

How to keep your customers coming back.

How to get more recommends than you thought possible.

And much more.

Most Franchise Fees for carpet cleaning start at over £12000 and this will not guarantee your success.

For a fraction of the cost we can put you on the right road…

Good luck whatever you decide…